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DOXA is an independent brand that offers the perfect oil for any range of application. Every product complies with the quality label and is manufactured in compliance with recognized quality standards reviewed on a regular basis. Our specially trained and skilled personnel is permanently concerned with extending our range of high-performance lubricants and related products of the latest generation. Doxa is the optimally customized product for your requirements.



Our production facilities use state of the art manufacturing facilities with high tech laboratory equipped with advanced testing facilities to ensure quality standards as well as specifications during various stages of production. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology with production capacity to meet the appropriate demand. Fully automotive process controls guarantees accurate and precise blending and packing of a range of lubricants and greases.



We are committed to providing consistently high quality automotive and industrial products that will continue to meet and exceed customer expectations. Quality virgin oils and carefully selected lubricant additives are used to blend a range of lubricants. Our lubricants are formulated to highest international specifications set by specialized international institutes such as the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).



Our products range includes engine oils, industrial and hydraulic lubricants, as well as other specialized oils and greases and are marketed to both local as well as the international market. Products are packaged in all sizes from 1 Quart bottles through to 55 Gallon barrels and drums.


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