Advantages of Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid HD SAE 50

Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid SAE 50 is a totally synthetic manual transmission lubricant designed to fulfil the most stringent extended drain and OEM warranty specifications. It has been specifically engineered for all-year lubrication of manual gearboxes in light to heavy-duty on- and off-highway equipment operating in a variety of conditions.

Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid SAE 50 is developed to provide maximum protection and longer operating life for heavy-duty transmissions, with substantial benefits over standard Sulphur-phosphorus gear oils, such as excellent high-temperature performance, corrosion management, wear protection, and oxidation stability.

Innovative powertrain designs have considerably increased the performance capabilities of today's heavy-duty on- and off-highway equipment in terms of load, speed, control, and durability. The demands on transmission lubricants have grown dramatically as a result of these designs, necessitating them to offer better levels of performance while lengthening drain times. Wear protection, friction control, shear stability, thermal stability, corrosion and rust protection, and seal protection are all features that must be balanced in heavy-duty transmissions to provide longer synchronizer and gear life, improved efficiency,smoother shift control, and higher load capability in numerous applications and operating environments. In today's manual gearboxes, Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid SAE 50provides unrivalled performance.

At the high end of the temperature-viscosity spectrum, it has the same viscosity as most SAE lubricants, and because of its intrinsically high viscosity index, it delivers better film strength at higher temperatures than traditional oils. Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid SAE 50 also prevents channeling and guarantees adequate lubrication at below-freezing temperatures.

Some of the Features and Benefits of Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid SAE 50

  • This manual gear oil is made for heavy-duty manual gearboxes that need API GL-1 and MT-1 performance and are subjected to a lot of strain and stress.
  • It outperforms standard oils in terms of drain intervals, all-season performance, and gear life. Its great load capacity and shear stability are due to its exceptional heat stability and severe pressure qualities. Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid SAE 50 offers outstanding low-temperature qualities, protects against corrosion, oxidation, sludge and varnish accumulation, and is compatible with standard automobile seals and gaskets.
  • Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid SAE 50 reduces wear in cold weather and improves shifting by allowing for faster beginnings.
  • Reduces running expenses and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Increases component life and efficiency.
  • It has good cleanliness, oxidation stability, and low temperature performance. It is designed to maintain stability under extreme situations and is suited for use in transmissions and gear cases that require API GL-1 through API GL-4 protection.
  • Outstanding load bearing, anti-wear, and EP capabilities
  • Excellent resistance to deposit formation
  • Copper and its alloys are given the best possible protection against corrosion with Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid SAE 50.

Doxa Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid HD 50 is a heavy-duty truck synthetic manual transmission fluid that is particularly developed for extended drain and harsh usage and is recommended for factory and service fill of heavy-duty manual gearboxes made by Eaton and Mack. Operators may save money on maintenance and boost productivity by using Doxa Transmission Fluid SAE 50.

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