Can Diesel Engine Oils Be Used in Petrol Engines?

Yes, diesel engine oils may be used in a petrol engine as long as they meet the engine's specifications and viscosity requirements.

If your petrol engine, for example, requires API SN-compliant motor oil, you can use a diesel oil of the proper viscosity as long as it meets the API SN standards. Most petrol applications don't require diesel oil, and a premium petrol motor oil is a preferable choice in terms of performance and pricing.

Over summarize, some owners of modified gasoline-powered vehicles prefer diesel oils to gasoline-powered rivals.

Many people believe diesel oils are more durable and can withstand the additional heat generated by a strong, turbocharged engine.

Others prefer lubricants with a higher viscosity to protect against wear, and obtaining a 40- or 50-weight diesel engine oil is sometimes simpler than buying a petrol motor oil. Others think that diesel fuel should have a higher detergency level.

Choose DOXA CK4 Engine Oil

DOXA Fully Synthetic and Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil is designed to surpass standard diesel engine lubricants.

Our Fully Synthetic 5W40, 15W-40, and 10W-30 Ck4 engine oils are designed to meet the performance requirements of today's high-output, low-emission European and American diesel engines. It's made with cutting-edge additive technologies and high-quality base oil to deliver the best diesel engine performance.

All of our heavy-duty engine oils meet or exceed the specifications of CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 PLUS, and other classes.

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