Tips to Control Oil Leakage in Gear Motors

Gear oil leakage is, without a doubt, one of the most prevalent issues with gear motors, and it is mostly caused by box condition, lubricating oil quality, oil seal quality, and the air pressure outside and within the box.

Furthermore, did you realize that using too much lubricating oil might result in oil leakage? While oil leaking is a widespread issue, it also presents a number of obstacles. As a result, it's critical that you take steps to limit the oil leaks before it causes major harm.

Based on the causes, we are presenting some of the things that you should consider in order to prevent oil leaks in your gear motor.

What can be done about gear oil leakage caused by poor gear casting quality?

If your gear motor's oil leak is caused by poor worm reduction gear casting quality, the oil must first be cleaned with gasoline and other cleaning solutions. After that, you must introduce hydrochloric acid into the casting at a 20% concentration. Allow the acid to sit for 24 hours before removing it and cleaning the casting. The ferrous chloride should have closed the fractures and stopped additional oil flow by chemical reaction.

What should you do if you have gear oil leakage as a result of poor oil recovery?

Poor oil recovery in the gear motor is another major source of oil leaks. Basically, if oil spills onto the inner wall of the box and does not instantly return to the oil pool, it generates a shaft leak. You can take the following steps to stop the oil from leaking:

Use an oil slinger and an oil seal on the reducer's head to prevent oil leakage, which will result in the oil being returned to the pool.

You may also facilitate oil recovery by designing an annular oil return duct on the die joint. Furthermore, this approach would allow some oil to flow into the bearing for lubrication.

Finally, you may use the original and best oil discharge system to clean the gearbox, filter the old oil, and inject fresh oil. This method is the finest since it does not necessitate replacing or adding cleaning chemicals to any of the device's components. This ensures the gearbox's safe operation and extends its service life. Furthermore, it is one of the most critical measures in reducing gearbox breakdowns.

What should you do if you have an oil leak because of a pressure imbalance?

The main reason for oil leaking in the gearbox is that the internal pressure is higher than the air pressure outside. The greater pressure differential there is, the worse the gear oil leaking will be. As a result, it's critical that you take steps to ensure that the pressure is balanced.

Setting a vent cap and vent plug on the tank cover is the most typical technique to achieve this. The pressure differential will rise if the diameters of the vent cap and vent plug are too tiny, and the oil leaking will become more serious.

As a result, you should examine the vent cap and plug thoroughly before utilizing them. You can verify the vent hold with your hands after opening the vent cap and running the gear motor for a few minutes. If you can feel hot air coming out of the vent, it's because the diameter is too tiny, and you'll need to replace it with a bigger vent cap.

While these procedures are certainly useful, choosing high-quality aftermarket gear oil is the best approach to avoid oil leaks. DOXA guarantees the highest quality gearbox oil. Contact us for more information!

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