Specially Formulated I-Shift Fully Synthetic Transmission Fluid by Doxa

The Volvo I-Shift is a 12 forward and 4 backward gear automatic manual gearbox designed by Volvo subsidiary Volvo Powertrain AB for Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses. It was first made accessible to trucks in 2001, and then to buses in 2004. It is always advisable to use genuine Volvo I-shift transmission fluid and filters during I-Shift service events to maximize how your I-Shift performs and safeguard against any damage.

Volvo transmission fluid also optimizes friction properties for rapid and smooth gear shifting. It thereby helps in reducing stress on the tires and drive line. While on the other hand, shear stability and load carrying capacity help maintain effective viscosity and film strength for improved wear protection under all operating conditions. Volvo I-shift transmission fluid has thermal durability and oxidation resistance, which helps prevent deposit formation and adds to long seal life and oil drain intervals.

Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid was created in tandem with the I-Shift to provide the following benefits:

  • Improved fuel economy: I-Shift Transmission Oil lowers viscous churn, resulting in smoother gear meshing, simpler pumping, and better filtration, allowing you to get the most out of your vehicle.
  • During cold starts, quicker starts, easier shifts, and less wear are all advantages: I-Shift Transmission Fluid has a high viscosity index, which means it will flow freely regardless of temperature.
  • There are fewer deposits: To prevent deposits, I-Shift Transmission Fluid has excellent thermal endurance and oxidation resistance. As a result, greater seal life and longer drain intervals are possible.
  • Improved protection for high-intensity loads: Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid avoids early wear whether you're carrying large gear across country or managing bad driving roads with loaded trailers.
  • Shifting is smoother and faster: Volvo I-Shift Transmission Oil is designed to reduce friction, reduce driveline stress, and increase fuel efficiency.
  • For less money, you can get more miles: You can lengthen fluid drain intervals up to 500,000 miles / 60 months with Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid, which means more uptime and reduced total cost of ownership.

Reduced viscous churn, smoother gear meshing, and easier pumping and filtration are all benefits of I-Shift transmission oil. Furthermore, its high viscosity index enables for low-temperature fluidity for faster starts, easier shifts, and less wear during cold start-ups, while simultaneously producing powerful lubricating coatings at higher temperatures.

Doxa I-Shift Fully Synthetic Transmission Fluid

I-Shift Fully Synthetic Transmission Fluid (SAE 75W-80) is a premium full synthetic, heavy-duty, automated manual transmission lubricant designed particularly for Volvo I-Shift and Mack gearboxes.

Doxa I-Shift Fully Synthetic Transmission Fluid SAE 75W-80 is basically a premium quality heavy-duty automated manual transmission fluid. It has been designed to provide outstanding fluid shear stability and good frictional properties for simple yet smooth shifting. The high-performance additives provide exceptional rust and corrosion protection while also being compatible with a variety of ferrous and yellow metals.

When operating in harsh circumstances and in extremely cold or hot situations, I-Shift Fully Synthetic Transmission Fluid SAE 75W-80 is suggested for use in heavy duty on-road automatic manual gearboxes.

API Service Categories GL-5 are met and exceeded by I-Shift Fully Synthetic Transmission Fluid. It is also authorized against the following:

  • MAN 341 Type E4
  • Volvo97318, 97307,97305

This specially formulated I-shift fully synthetic transmission fluid by Doxa offers increased drainage capacity, excellent shear stability, outstanding load-carrying capacity, high viscosity index, stable and optimal friction qualities, exceptional oxidation resistance, and brilliant thermal stability.

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