Things to Know to Understand the Difference Between Gear Oil and Engine Oil

It may appear that gear oil and oil are interchangeable, but they are not. A gear oil is a lubricant and coolant that is particularly intended to protect, lubricate, and cool gears. The bearings are lubricated with oil from your car's engine and are protected against gasoline additives.

The main difference between engine oil and transmission fluid is that engine oil is essentially a lubricant, but transmission fluid is also a hydraulic fluid. Because other additives are added to engine oil, transmission fluid's lubricating qualities are insufficient for engines, making it unsuitable.

Gear Oil

While it is easy to save money in many aspects of fleet maintenance (though it is never encouraged), gear oil is one area where you should never make corners. Gear oil is a lubricating oil that is particularly developed to lubricate transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases, for those who are unfamiliar. By removing damaged wear particles from gear contact points, high-quality gear oil lubricates, cools, and protects geared systems. Gear oil of high quality can really reduce the amount of noise created by gearboxes.

To preserve the internals of the gearbox, gear oil is frequently blended with additives. Have a look at some of the examples of such additives:

  • Inhibitors of rust and corrosion
  • Inhibitors of oxidation
  • Anti-foaming agents
  • Pouring point depressants
  • Anti-wear and pressure agents

Engine Oil

Engines, in addition to gear oil, require engine oil. Other components in the engine, such as gasoline pumps, bearings, and any other moving elements, are lubricated with engine oil. In addition, motor oil contains additives that neutralize acids and compounds left behind by fuels and oxidation. Engine oil has an influence on engine cooling as well as piston ring seals. This is another lubricant where you should avoid cutting corners.

Engine oil also contains additives that minimize rust and corrosion, stabilize the oil, and change the viscosity. To decrease engine wear and, in certain situations, increase fuel efficiency, additives are used.

Is It Possible to Use Gear Oil as Engine Oil?

There is no distinction between gear oil and engine oil, and the two cannot be used interchangeably. The oil is designed specifically for use on gears.

What Happens If Engine Oil Is Poured into The Gearbox?

Gear oil has a higher viscosity than engine oil, which is owing to the fact that it protects the gears better and makes shifting between them simpler. Furthermore, the higher viscosity is required since there is no pump to drive the oil around the gearbox, hence the viscosity of the oil must be higher. Hence, you cannot use engine oil in your gearbox.

If I Don't Have Any Gear Oil, What Can I Do?

  • Manual transmission fluid (MTF), a clear replacement for the American Petroleum Industry Gear Lubricant (API GL-4 or GL-5), found in most vehicles.
  • An automatic transmission fluid (ATF)
  • Oil for your motor vehicle.

Is It Possible to Use Gear Oil Instead of Motor Oil?

The viscosity is the sole difference between gear oil and engine oil. Many motorists assume that SAE 90 gear oil is thicker than SAE 40 or 50 motor oil, although the viscosities are the same; the difference is in the additives.

Is it Possible to Use Engine Oil as a Differential Oil?

Different types of differential gear oil are categorized by the American Petroleum Institute. The differences between motor oil and differential oil ratings are significant, and they should not be confused. Engine oils, on the other hand, do not lubricate the gears of a differential.

What Happens If I Fill My Transmission with Engine Oil?

Using the improper fluid can lead to poor lubrication, overheating, and potentially transmission failure. Even if the transmission has been cleaned, it may not be repairable. If you combine engine oil and brake fluid, you risk damaging your gearbox. There are a few additional washer-fluid no-no's to be aware of.

Is It Possible to Use Engine Oil as Transmission Oil?

Regular motor oil, automatic transmission fluid, and heavyweight hypoid gear oil are among the fluids that can be used in manual transmissions.

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