With Proper Transmission Maintenance You can save your Money

To comprehend how transmission lifespan is affected by maintenance, lubrication, and heat, you must first grasp what transmissions do and how what you do as a vehicle operator influences their performance and life expectancy.

Simply told, your vehicle's gearbox has a certain task to do, which is to distribute the appropriate amount of power to the wheels in order to attain a specific speed. This is performed through gears, just as a multi-speed bike does with gears to let the cyclist achieve faster speeds with less effort.

We all know that difficulties with the bike chain have a significant impact on the bike's operation. The bike will not operate if the chain is missing. Period. You won't be able to get the bike rolling from a standstill if the chain is in too high a gear to begin with. In order for the bicycle to function, function well, and function for a long time, it must be operated (and maintained) in a precise manner.

All About Automatic Transmission Fluid

Remember the three things that influence the transmission's health: maintenance, lubrication, and heat? Automatic transmission fluid, on the other hand, plays a critical part in all three. This implies that the greatest thing you can do to extend the life of your transmission is to ensure sure the ATF that keeps it running is in good working order.

The ATF regulates the transmission's heat and pressure, as well as the sensation and slide of gear changes, or shifts. The higher the wear and tear on components as well as the fluid itself, the hotter the gearbox operates over time. This is why, in applications such as plow trucks and towing vehicles, heavy to severe operation that creates a lot of heat for a long time may shorten the lifespan of a gearbox.

There are about 50 different types of ATF on the market, and the formulae aren't universal for each transmission. The degree of slip varies by transmission type, and current transmissions are constructed to extremely tight tolerances to work with a certain sort of fluid "slipperiness." The interaction between the fluid and the transmission components is disturbed when any of the following events occurs, resulting in component deterioration and eventual transmission failure:

  • The ATF is either too old or in need of repair.
  • The improper fluid is being utilized.
  • The correct fluid is utilized, but in insufficient quantities.

Choose Transdex ATF

DOXA Synthetic Gear Oil is designed to meet the most demanding performance requirements of today's heavy-duty vehicles, both on and off the road. DOXA Heavy Duty Synthetic Gear Oil is formulated to protect critical components such as the rear axle and differential in on- and off-road vehicles that are subjected to extreme heat or cold. Doxa Synthetic Gear Oil meets or exceeds the API Service Categories GL-4, GL-5, and MT-1. DOXA’s Synthetic HD, I - Shift, and ATF are recommended for heavy duty manual to automatic gearboxes such as those built by EATOM, Meritor, MACK, Volvo, and Allison.

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