Is CK-4 Oil Synthetic?

The most essential thing fleets should know about CK-4 lubricants is that they are entirely compatible, and there should be no concern if the two are mixed. The entire performance benefits of API CK-4 oils, however, will not be achieved until the engine has been completely converted from API CJ-4 to CK-4. The main advantage will be improved fuel efficiency, which will cut CO2 emissions.

Other genuine performance enhancements, on the other hand, are being implemented. API CK-4 will provide improved oxidation stability to satisfy the demands of hotter-running engines, helping not just new engines but also current engines that are subjected to extremely high duty vehicles.

Wear protection, deposit control, shear stability, and oil aeration control will all benefit from 5W40 CK 4 synthetic engine oil. In comparison to API CJ-4, these engine oils will have up to 60% greater oxidation resistance, allowing for longer service intervals. CK-4 is backward compatible and built for both over-the-road and heavy machinery.

Engine oil improvements

The latest API CJ-4 category improvement was first presented in 2006, ten years ago. Since then, many daily technologies have progressed, including the additive chemistry that permits higher-performance lubricant technology.

It's crucial for fleets to know that beginning December 1, 2016, new API oils that go beyond API CJ-4 and give higher safety for all engines by boosting oxidative stability, resistance to aeration, and shear stability can be licensed for the first time. It's also worth noting that API 5W40 CK 4 synthetic engine oils will have an indirect impact on better fuel economy by allowing higher performance lubricants to be used.

Why choose synthetic lubricants?

To make a completed engine oil with exceptional low-temperature qualities, a synthetic base is usually employed. Because synthetic-based oils have a high viscosity index, they may be made into oils that stay fluid at low temperatures, allowing for better cold-weather start-up. These characteristics also help with fuel economy. 5W40 CK 4 synthetic engine oil has superior oxidation stability at higher temperatures, which can assist extend drain intervals, and reduced volatility, which decreases evaporation and improves oil consumption.

Protection and performance

5W40 CK 4 synthetic engine oil will outperform existing API CJ-4 oils in terms of protection in both present and future engine designs. API CK-4 engine oils will be backwards compatible, meaning they will work in both old and modern diesel engines.

DOXA 5W40 CK 4 Synthetic Engine Oil

DOXA 5W40 CK 4 synthetic engine oil is a premium heavy-duty lubricant. It has been developed with high-quality API Group II and Group Ill base oils. Also developed with a cutting-edge additive package to deliver the reliable performance demanded by modern diesel engines while maximizing fuel efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Available in synthetic blend
  • Extended oil changes
  • Less filter maintenance
  • Lower soot levels
  • Safely blends with other motor oils
  • Longer engine life
  • Less oxidation
  • Exclusive Lucas formula
  • Lower oil consumption
  • High temperature stability

5W40 CK 4 synthetic engine oil might assist you in achieving your business objectives. This API CK-4 oil outperforms CJ-4 lubricants and is designed to assist boost uptime and increase oil drain intervals (ODIs).

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