Top Quality Synthetic Gear Oil for Increased Efficiency

Doxa Synthetic Gear Oil is highly recommended for the type of service characteristics of gears, particularly hypoid, in passenger cars and other automotive-type equipment that is operated at high speeds with low torque and low temperatures.SAE 80W140 synthetic gear oil has excellent wear safety properties, which are further improved by antiwear additives.

There are various commercial truck gear oil providers with different specialties that these oils come with. However, picking the best and premium quality synthetic gear oil could be a bit challenging. Doxa Synthetic Gear Oil makes the task of choosing the right synthetic gear oil easy for you.

Have a Look at Some of the Features and Benefits of Doxa Synthetic Gear Oil:

·         Doxa Synthetic Gear Oil is a premium gear lubricant made from solvent-refined mineral base oils and carefully chosen chemical additives.

·         This commercial truck gear oil provides excellent gear protection and can be used in a wide range of temperatures due to their high shear stability.

·         This top rated gear oil also protects against oil foaming, as well as gear wear and rusting.

·         Offers better and improved resistance to aging and high temperatures and a longer service life.

·         In a gearbox, Synthetic Gear Oil SAE 80W140 has a lower friction coefficient and a stronger viscosity-temperature relationship than mineral oils.

·         Doxa Synthetic Gear Oil has been formulated for automotive high-speed gears.

·         At low temperatures, it provides excellent lubrication without channelling.

·         Superior resistance to rust, pitting, and corrosion.

·         Suitable for use in heavy-duty trucks and bus gears that operate at high temperatures.

·         Provides excellent corrosion resistance.

·         Improved thermal and oxidation resistance, lower evaporation losses, improved lubricity and improved resistance to ambient media.

·         Provides improved viscosity-temperature behavior, high viscosity index, reduced flammability and lower tendency to form residues.

·         This premium synthetic gear oil has improved low temperature properties.

When mineral gear oils have reached their output limit and can no longer meet the application specifications, synthetic gear oils are used. And when it comes to buying the best synthetic gear oil, you should only go for Doxa Synthetic Gear Oil.

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